Tailoress Design - Bespoke Garment design

Having your garment hand made will ensure that you have a unique item tailored to your personal specifications.


The first step is to talk about your outfit and then sketch a detailed design. The design process in always fun and exciting and whilst I am happy to provide advice, the final design will be entirely yours.


Following this I will take your measurements and create a initial version of the outfit using an inexpensive fabric such as calico. This draft version allows you to try THE outfit and get AN idea of how it will look when is completed. During this FIRST fitting we can make any adjustment to get a perfect cut.


Once the initial outfit is just right I then recreate it using the quality material of your choice and I will then invite you back for a further fitting. There are typically three fittings during entire design process, however as it is important to me that every garment I create fits perfectly, I may ask that you come for a number of additional fittings so I may make final adjustments. The number of fittings depends on the garment’s complexity and details.